About Baheya

Our story: The story has started when… Mrs.Baheya Wahby the Wife of Engineer: Hussein Ahmed Osman was diagnosed with breast cancer. And she is from a great and guanine family where she received love and sympathy. In the journey of pain, they noticed how many other Egyptian women are suffering both sickness and poverty...So the idea brightened like a candlelight to establish a hospital to save all diseased women with equal rights and without any fees. so, they turned her home to a specialized center for unpaid cancer breast treatment. Bahey’s center was founded in 2015, The building is equipped by the most modern medical equipment with cost 150 million Egyptian pound and we are still working on development, and with early detection units.  Our vision: Is to be a pioneer in the early detection and the treatment of breast cancer worldwide, recognized for clinical excellence using the newest technologies. Our mission: Saving thousands of ladies’ life by producing distinguish and integrated services.  And to provide optimal breast healthcare to ladies, using a patient centered multidisciplinary approach. Baheya breast cancer center is looking for decreasing rates of   breast cancer nationally through excellence in early detection, treatment, and scientific research.  Our departments: Early detection units. Diagnostic radiology department. Pathology department Radiotherapy department Clinical pharmacy Innovation and technology. Training department Psychological support. Chemotherapy department. Surgery department. Physiotherapy department. Research department. Laboratories. Medical Committees  Our Achievements: Since its launching, the Bahia Center has been able to receive more than 120,5586. women between early examination, rays, and detection of tumors and treatment. Through the continuous development and with teamwork, Bahia reached the following rates: More than 3000 ladies monthly detection. More than 18,000 outpatient visits per month. More than 160 surgeries per month. More than 1000 chemotherapy sessions per month. More than 3000 radiotherapy sessions per month.